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Here’s How You Can Be More Productive in 10 Days

Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or something else entirely, more work at a faster pace is usually always a good thing.

Productivity isn’t just about how much work you get done, it’s also about how efficiently you get it done. A good start to higher productivity is to stop multitasking, which can cause a 40% drop because of the constant mental switching. The next most important step? Get a good night’s rest.

The Surprising Reason More Vacation Days May Make You More Productive

A new study taken from two leadership consultants shows that European executives are more productive than American executives because they take more vacations per year.

The study came about after Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, the founding executives of leadership development consultancy Zenger/Folkman, were having trouble coordinating a summer meeting with an Amsterdam-based company due to the fact that all of their important executives were constantly on vacation.

There is a Real “Limitless” Pill and It’s Called Donepezil

If there is one quality a person needs to achieve great things in life, it’s intelligence. Success comes easier to those who are smart- just ask the many college students who take study drugs they don’t really need to absorb more, work faster, longer and better, and get the good grades they would literally kill for- even if it means they are slowly killing themselves.

We all wish success came in a pill form. That was the premise of the hour and half Adderall commercial/ thriller film ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper. In the film he popped a transparent round pill and instantly his brain power skyrocketed- anything became possible. Most of us wished that pill existed- and now it does. Donepezil is a drug that is used to treat Alzheimers, but it’s effects on normal people make Adderall and Vyvanse look like a cup of coffee.

This is the Most Affordable Automatic Standing Desk That You’ll Find

With the increased awareness on the dangers of sitting too long, office-folks are encouraged to switch from using traditional desks to standing desks when they work. There is also this an anti-fatigue mat like the mat for standing desk that can be used when they are working. However, the biggest downside has been the cost of these desks. From doing a quick Google search, the cheapest I found was at $699.Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 4.44.18 PM
Now, thanks to 31-year-old entrepreneur Steven Yu, there is now an affordable product for anyone looking to get one of these bad boys. Compared to the competition, Yu’s product StandDesk sells for $399.

Yu came up with the idea after a motorcycle accident that left him requiring to sit less. He believes that the current standing desks in the market are more complex than they need to be, so his goal was to simplify everything while cutting costs without sacrificing quality.