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Green Bay Packers Devin Funchess apologizes for using anti-Asian slur

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Devin Funchess has apologized for using an anti-Asian slur during a media conference after a practice match at Lambeau Field on Saturday.

What happened: When asked by reporters if it is difficult to spot a smile under a mask, Funchess said, “I can tell you were smiling when I see your face. I can see your face. Everybody goes ch*nky and that’s when I know,” according to Packers News.

Trump Mocks Japanese Reporter During Absolute Mess of a Press Conference


President Donald Trump’s White House press conference on Wednesday after the 2018 midterm elections is rife with jaw-dropping moments including when he mocked a Japanese reporter. 

During the bizarre press conference-turned-tirade, Trump hurled insults at opponents, mocked losing candidates, snapped at the reporters and complained about several questions which he refused to respond to.