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Japanese director Naomi Kawase’s movie premiere ranks poorly amid allegations of violent behavior on set

  • Moviegoers are speculating that allegations of violent behavior from Japanese director Naomi Kawase left a negative impact on the recent screening of her newest film.
  • The 53-year-old director’s two-part Olympic documentary, “Official Film of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Side A,” premiered on Friday.
  • The film sat in 13th place on the advanced sales ranking and sold only 2,716 tickets with little fanfare.
  • Kawase allegedly kicked an assistant director in the stomach after he touched her to point out an issue with a shot during filming.
  • In October 2015, Kawase purportedly punched a male employee to the ground and continued to beat him while other crew members ran away in fear.

Japan’s most known female director, Naomi Kawase, had her latest film premiere on Friday with little fanfare and poor ticket sales amid recent allegations of her violent behavior on set.

After Kawase was accused of violently assaulting crew members, it is speculated that the allegations left a negative impact on the Friday screening of her two-part Olympic documentary film, “Official Film of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Side A.” In comparison to “Top Gun: Maverick” which ranked No. 1 on the weekend box office ratings in Japan and sold over 60,000 tickets, Kawase’s film sat in 13th place and sold only 2,716 tickets.