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Popular Comic Artist Seeks ‘POC-Friendly Publisher’ After Long-Time Partner Dumps Latest Project

Renowned Filipino American comic creator Joshua Luna has recently announced that the thought-provoking online comic strips he has been making about Asian American identity and experiences will be published in a book called “AMERICANIZASIAN.”

However, his announcement sparked some controversy after he revealed that Image comics refused to publish it after having it greenlit “reluctantly.”

Saying East Asians Aren’t People of Color is Absolute BS

Confusion regarding the term “person of color” and where fair-skinned Asians fit in has always plagued the internet. While some suggest Asians are included in the term POC for their Asiatic features, others argue the fair skin-tone of East Asians is too close to the color of Caucasian skin to be considered “people of color.”

The quick answer to this debate can be found in its dictionary definition:

Think Adopting Children of Color Makes You Woke? It Doesn’t

White people have been adopting children of color for decades, using infertility, religion, or unacknowledged white saviorism to explain their choice. An entire adoption industry supports itself on white people’s desire to parent — which is not in of itself a bad thing — but only recently did anyone consider transracial adoption’s ramifications.

Scouring the internet reveals some of these white parents trying to do right by their transracially adopted kids. This isn’t directed at them. In fact, I’m friends with many of those rockstar white parents and they’re doing adoption right. But this right here is a direct message to white people who think adopting yellow, brown, and black children somehow enwokens™ them to the needs of people of color.