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The Problem With the Body Positivity Movement and Plus-Size Asian Models

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Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence and Barbie Ferreira are redefining the definition of beauty within the entertainment industry, but when was the last time you’ve seen an Asian plus-size model with similar levels of media exposure or popularity?

There seems to be a general lack of diversity within the plus-size modeling industry and Asian models are still especially hard to come by but this certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

15 Inspiring Photos That Prove Hard Work Can Conquer Anything

Choosing to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle is easily one of the greatest life decisions someone can make. Recently, people submitted pictured of their own transformations to Bored Panda — these inspiring before and after photos speak for themselves.

They waited five years to get married because they wanted to get in shape. That is commitment to their health and to each other.