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Why Every Startup Should Seriously Consider Competing in a Pitch Contest

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is hot right now. Everywhere you go, every site you visit, every social media timeline you scroll through has some evidence of its omnipresence.

Instagram is dotted with motivational quotes attributed to titans of industry; bold fonts overlaid across heavily filtered images of expensive cars, nice suits, and people poised in positions of living a lofty self made lifestyle.

Jimmy Kimmel Pitches His Hilarious Startup on Shark Tank, Easily Lands a $5 Million Deal

jimmy kimmel shark tank

Securing funding in this day and age has never been easier. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen even went on record saying that so much money and so many high valuations get thrown around that it’s created a large bubble that has yet to burst. Jimmy Kimmel recently poked fun at this notion by going on “Shark Tank” during his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to pitch his startup, which produced line of horse pants aimed at making horses more stylish and saving their riders from the embarrassment of riding naked horses.

This is What a Venture Capitalist Thinks About When You Pitch Your Company


As an entrepreneur, landing a deal with a venture capitalist is both exciting and incredibly difficult; in the simplest terms, you pitch your business plan and receive the almighty investment or you get an easy “no thank you.” But what if you could get inside an investor’s head and understand exactly what they are looking for? If you want that million dollar offer, this is a must read.