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Chinese Student Gets 1 Year in Prison for Taking Pictures of U.S. Naval Base

Zhao Qianli, the Chinese student who was arrested late last year for taking pictures of a U.S. naval base, pleaded guilty on Tuesday and landed himself a one-year jail sentence.

The 20-year-old student from North University of China appeared in court via a remote video hookup from a federal courthouse in Key West, Florida along with his defense attorney on Tuesday. According to Miami Herald, he pleaded guilty to one count of photographing defense installations at the Key West military facility. The other five counts in his indictment were dismissed as part of his plea deal.

Filipina Mom Secretly Takes Pictures of Husband and Daughter Holding Hands For Years

Reddit users are loving a compilation of photos by a Filipina mother, known as MrsIronBad, which show sweet images of a father and daughter walking together while holding hands over the course of four years.

The compilation, which was posted on the sub Reddit /r/awww on Tuesday, shows the woman’s husband holding their daughter’s hand as they walk through several locations.

Old Pin-up Photos Show When ‘Duck Face’ Was Originally Created

Prior to Photoshop, photo manipulation was a much more difficult process than it is today. Artists would often have to use photographs as the framework of a project to create a more colorful and eye-catching image.

In the 1940s, the process of painting photographs led to the often ignored commercial art form of pin-up, which featured painted or drawn illustrations of suggestively posed women who were usually only partially clothed. The art form gained its name from World War II soldiers who would pin the illustrations up on their walls while stationed away from home.