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Super Petty Fight Over Parking Spot in Koreatown Blows TF Up on Twitter

A woman is going viral for her hilarious Twitter thread documenting a dramatic standoff between two cars fighting for the same parking spot in Koreatown, Los Angeles that lasted for over an hour.

Everything kicked off around 6:30 p.m. on April 1st when Twitter user @Mrhflrs shared a photo showing two cars, blocking traffic as they both attempted to squeeze into the same parking spot, writing, “This car is blocking this other car from grabbing this prime spot. It’s already been 10 minutes.”

Man in China Thought His Car Was Stolen, Turns Out the Wind Blew it Away

A Chinese man was baffled to discover that his car, which he believed to be stolen, had been blown away by a gust of wind.

The man, identified only by his surname Huang, reportedly spent about 20 minutes inside a grocery store in Qingdao, Shandong Province last Friday morning, reports ShanghaiistWhen he went to the spot where he parked his vehicle, he was shocked to discover that it had vanished.

Hong Kong is Raising Parking Fees For the First Time Since 1994

To help relieve the traffic congestion problem, Hong Kong’s Transport and Housing Bureau has officially submitted a proposal to increase the parking meters in the country by doubling its rate to as much as 20 Hong Kong dollars ($2.56) per hour – or 4 to 5 Hong Kong dollars ($0.51 to $0.64) per 15 minutes.

“Increasing the metered parking fee can discourage motorists from circulating or double parking on roads waiting for metered parking spaces. This will have the added benefit of discouraging prolonged parking,” the bureau wrote in the paper forwarded to the Legislative Council on December 21, Thursday, according to South China Morning Post.

Parking Space That Sold for $664,200 Proves How Crazy Expensive Hong Kong Is

A 188-square-foot parking space in Hong Kong was sold for a whopping HKD $5.18 million ($664,200), which local reports are calling a world record.

Purchased by an investment firm director, Kwan Wai-ming, the space is located on the first floor of the Upton luxury apartment complex near the harborfront in the west of Hong Kong Island, AFP reported (via Yahoo News), citing records from the city’s Land Registry.

British 18-Year-Old Creates an Ingenious App for Everyone Who Hates Parking Tickets

Good news for drivers in the UK: an 18-year-old student who just earned acceptance to Stanford University this month has created a website for those prone to receiving parking tickets.

According to Mashable, Joshua Browder came up with the idea for after accumulating quite a few tickets himself. His website automatically generates appeals to parking ticket violations by formatting them after previously successful appeals.