Wealthy Malaysian Man Caught on Video Beating a Parking Attendant Over 72 Cents

Wealthy Malaysian Man Caught on Video Beating a Parking Attendant Over 72 CentsWealthy Malaysian Man Caught on Video Beating a Parking Attendant Over 72 Cents
A wealthy Malaysian business man is now under investigation after verbally and physically assaulting a parking lot attendant over a 3 Malaysian ringgit ($0.72) fee. 
The incident reportedly occurred at the parking lot office of a five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Sept. 18.
In a CCTV footage, the man is seen reaching over to strike the male attendant before snatching his radio and throwing it at him. 
The man then enters the booth to assault the attendant more, shoving a chair before hitting him repeatedly.
Facebook user Balamuraly Doraisamy, who posted the footage on Tuesday, also shared a picture of the man’s car in hopes of bringing him to justice. He speculated that the man believes himself, or may be one in reality, to be a Dato or Datuk, an honorific title in Malaysia most similar to knighthood in the U.K. but with looser standards.
“The poor staff had to undergo this treatment from this guy just because he thinks he is a Dato or something like that. I am sure a police report must have been made but no action has been taken to date. Please make this viral so this mad culprit is brought to justice.”
On Thursday, police identified the “Datuk” and learned that the situation had sprung out of a parking fee dispute, the New Straits Times reported.
The attendant, 31, refused to raise the boom gate because the man declined to pay 3 Malaysian ringgit ($0.72), Brickfields Police Chief Assistant Commissioner, Ruslan Khalid said.
“The suspect, who drove a Range Rover, then came to scold and hit the victim in the 9:20 a.m. incident on Sept. 18,” Khalid said. “The victim, who suffered minor bruises, lodged a police report the next day.”
The offender, who is also the director of a local telecommunications company, is now being investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing harm.
A spokesman for the hotel could not confirm whether the incident happened on their premises, according to The Star.
“We can’t confirm that this is indeed here … There have not been any allegations made that I am aware of. If there are any allegations made, we will investigate,” he said.
Netizens have since condemned the “rogue Datuk’s” self-entitled behavior.
Images via Facebook / Balamuraly Doraisamy
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