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LOONA’s JinSoul sparks controversy with alleged beauty comments about pale skin

  • LOONA’s JinSoul upset netizens after she made comments about wanting paler skin and being disappointed by how much she tanned during her group’s world tour.
  • While replying to fans on the Fab app, JinSoul said she had researched how to get paler, whiter skin and that hers should be returning soon.
  • Her fans alleged her comments were “colorist” and emphasized the fact that she just recently interacted with fans of all different backgrounds and skin tones across the world.
  • Others remarked that the idea of pale, white skin being better was so ingrained in Korean beauty standards that JinSoul may have been ignorant of the issue.

LOONA member JinSoul has come under fire for alleged comments about wanting paler skin. 

JinSoul was communicating with fans on the Fab app when one of them messaged the idol saying, “Jinsoul is so pretty because her refreshing facial features contrast with her pale skin.”

Why Do East Asians Want Pale Skin? It Has Nothing to Do with Western Beauty Standards


In East Asia, it’s not uncommon to find people fully-dressed on beaches, carrying umbrellas on sunny days, or wearing full face-covering masks in parks. Women in particular go to extreme lengths to achieve pale skin whether it’s through obsessive whitening skin care routines or melanin-reducing injections. But where did all of this come from?

Some western media outlets like to report that this desire to have clear, white skin is a reflection on East Asians wanting to look more European. However, these hypotheses barely scratch the surface when discussing the origin of the pale skin beauty standards.