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‘Bad thai’: Rachael Ray’s pad thai gets a thumbs down from Redditors

Rachael Ray's Bad Thai
  • Rachael Ray posted a video of herself cooking pad thai to her website in March.
  • Her take on the dish, which was liberally topped with edible flowers, was shared, and then jeered, on subreddit r/StupidFood on Dec. 14.
  • One commenter seemed to sum up much of the subreddit’s thoughts on Ray’s dish by joking, “Pad Thai? Looks like Bad Thai.”

Stills from a March 2021 video of Rachael Ray cooking pad thai surfaced on the Reddit forum r/StupidFood, where commenters took offense to her floral garnish. 

American celebrity chef Rachael Ray is the latest chef to receive criticism for her creative revision of an Asian dish. In a 5-minute video posted to the “Rachael Ray Show” official website earlier this year, the chef makes a shrimp and chicken pad thai with ingredients including tamarind paste, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar and light and dark soy sauce.

Man Risks Everything By Asking For Extra Spicy Pad Thai

A Thai restaurant in Florida tried to make a daring man regret his decision after he requested for his meal to be “extra spicy.” Hawkers Asian Street Fare in Jacksonville certainly proved that they mean business when it comes to spicy food.

Logan Doan considers himself someone who has a considerable tolerance for any mouth-burning dish, so he ordered an “extra spicy” pad Thai last week, and came home with a receipt with the word spicy printed a staggering 17 times.