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Thai YouTuber wows internet with huge origami city and working train system made entirely of paper

  • Darunbhop Puangsombat, 29, became an online star after making a miniature paper city with different structures, from police stations and apartment buildings to restaurants and a functional train system.
  • The YouTuber took almost a year to finish his project, which was designed around the features of Bangkok.
  • Puangsombat has also made a replica of a NASA space rocket and an Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer from the hit sci-fi franchise “Star Wars.” The latter became so popular online that someone reportedly offered to buy it for almost 2 million baht (approximately $58,660).

A Thai YouTuber has amazed the internet by creating an origami city with a fully working train made entirely of paper.

It took Darunbhop Puangsombat, 29, almost a year to design and create his paper project. The artist, who is also a content creator and freelancer in media production, designed his city around the features of Bangkok.

Netizens are amazed by Finnish artist’s jaw-dropping, intricate origami artwork

Juho Konkkola origami artist
  • Finnish origami artist Juho Könkkölä, from Jyväskylä, Finland, went viral on the subreddit r/BeAmazed for sharing his collection of intricate artwork featuring armored knights and samurais made out of folded papers.
  • Könkkölä took up art in the Finnish city Tornio and mainly studied photography and digital art (including painting and 3D modeling).
  • The artist says he first started doing origami as “a young kid” and has continued for the past 15 to 20 years.
  • “One of the first origami experiences I remember was a magazine that had instructions for a cat head. And after that I borrowed an origami book from the local library.”
  • Könkkölä estimates that simple projects can take a few weeks to finish, while the more complex ones requiring planning can take several years.
  • Könkkölä’s works have been featured in several international exhibits, including the Homo Faber Event in Venice, Italy in April. His work is currently on display at the Small is Beautiful Art exhibition in London.

Finnish origami artist Juho Könkkölä went viral on Reddit for sharing his intricate artwork featuring armored knights and samurais made out of folded papers.

Könkkölä, who goes by the handle u/jkonkkola_art on the social media platform, shared a collection of his work on the subreddit r/BeAmazed on Thursday, where he has received over 21,000 upvotes and more than 324 comments on his post.

Kit Kat in Japan Ditches Plastic Wrapper for Paper That Can Become Origami

It is no secret by now that Kit Kats everywhere else have got nothing on those found in Japan, not only in terms of flavor variety but also the creativity in presentation and packaging.

Taking this discrepancy a step further is Nestlé Japan’s move to introduce a radical change to the look of their Kit Kat range. Beginning at the end of September, the company is reportedly replacing Kit Kat’s plastic packaging with paper, SoraNews24 reports. 

Japan has a Beautifully Unique Way of Tipping Servers

Leaving money on a restaurant table for the serving staff is a common practice in the United States and other parts of the world.

In Japan, however, the social custom known as “tipping” is typically not expected and can even cause confusion, depending on the part of the country. As many Japanese believe that good service should be treated as a standard practice, it is widely understood that tipping is not necessary. But while many find a financial reward to a good service may be too much, some Japanese customers have found a different way to express their appreciation.