Thai YouTuber wows internet with huge origami city and working train system made entirely of paper

Thai YouTuber wows internet with huge origami city and working train system made entirely of paper
Bryan Ke
May 30, 2022
A Thai YouTuber has amazed the internet by creating an origami city with a fully working train made entirely of paper.
It took Darunbhop Puangsombat, 29, almost a year to design and create his paper project. The artist, who is also a content creator and freelancer in media production, designed his city around the features of Bangkok.
Puangsombat came up with the idea to create his own version of a miniature city after seeing various models in department stores while he was still a student. He decided to use paper to build his different structures, from police stations and apartment buildings to restaurants and a functional train system.
Instead of buying packaged models because the cost was high, I tried different materials from flute boards and plastic scraps and later found that paper is in fact the best to assemble into different shapes like a box or anything square or circular,” Puangsombat was quoted as saying.
At first I used color pencils to color the surface, then changed to printing and finally switched it to digital by designing it on a computer using the Sketchup software. … I started by designing the routes and then applied my knowledge and talent,” he added.
He also explained that he only spent “five to 10 minutes, sometimes an hour or half an hour” on his city, which is why it took him almost a year to finish.
Besides gaining international fame, Puangsombat appeared on Thai Channel 8 in March to talk about his city.

Puangsombat has also made a replica of a NASA space rocket and an Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer from the hit sci-fi franchise “Star Wars.” The latter became so popular online that someone reportedly offered to buy it for almost 2 million baht (approximately $58,660).

If there is somebody that truly understands the model’s value and its worth, and wants to store it safely whether it’s for themselves [or] a museum, I will be happy to sell it,” Puangsombat was quoted as saying.
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