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‘Imagine a treasury of millions of dollars’: Andrew Yang pioneers DAO for AAPI causes

andrew yang
  • Andrew Yang last week launched GoldenDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on advancing “AAPI solidarity and empowerment.”
  • DAOs are online organizations that aim to accomplish goals with the aid of blockchain technology.
  • “Imagine a treasury of millions of dollars that can be activated based upon popular will in response to real-time events and members who engage both individually and in groups,” Yang told NextShark.
  • GoldenDAO is grounded on values such as “combating social injustice;” “demystifying Asian mental health stigma;” “closing the gap on economic disparities;” encouraging “civic and community outreach;” promoting allyship and advocacy and boosting Asian culture, artistry and creatives.
  • The organization looks at a total debut of 3,088 NFTs for an estimated sum of at least $9.6 million, based on current prices.

Former U.S. presidential candidate and Forward Party founder Andrew Yang has launched GoldenDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) advancing AAPI solidarity and empowerment.

A DAO is a group of people who gather online and commit to accomplish a shared purpose through blockchain technology. Last month, Yang also debuted Lobby3, a DAO focused on amplifying Web3 policies in Washington, D.C.