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Orangutan Tries to Defend Its Home From Loggers in Heartbreaking Video

Video released by International Animal Rescue (IAR) from 2013 shows the heartbreaking moment when an orangutan tries to protect its home from loggers in Indonesia.

In the footage, which was recorded and shared on Facebook by the non-profit organization in the Ketapang Regency on the island of Borneo, the animal can be seen walking across a cut-down tree and fighting off an excavator.

Orangutan Forced to Live In Tiny Box For Two Years in Indonesia Finally Rescued

A wildlife group came to the rescue of a young orangutan who spent two years caged inside a small wooden box in Indonesia.

Kept shut inside the confines of a box measuring about 10 square feet, the four-year-old male orangutan named Kotap, was found to be in a very poor condition by the International Animal Rescue (IAR) and officials from the West Kalimantan forestry department.