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Rare Chinese cinnamon tea offered at over $184,000 per kilogram at Hong Kong restaurant

  • A rare variety of Rougui tea from Glassbelly Tea Lab in Hong Kong costs approximately $184,615 per kilogram (2.2 pounds).
  • Glassbelly specializes in expensive oolong rock teas extracted from China’s Wuyi Mountains, making them among the most expensive tea varieties in the world.
  • One brew of the Niu Lan Keng Rougui, a rare cinnamon variety of Rougui tea, can be bought at Glassbelly for approximately $3,577.
  • The teas’ expensive price tags stem from their complex processes and rare nature.

A fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong is selling a rare variety of Chinese cinnamon tea for approximately $184,615 per kilogram (35.2 ounces).

Glassbelly Tea Lab, an upscale tea pairing restaurant located in Hong Kong, specializes in oolong rock teas, which are considered to be among the most expensive varieties of teas in the world. Glassbelly’s oolong rock teas are grown on rocks from the Wuyi Mountains in eastern China.