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Oklahoma GOP senator draws outrage for calling Asian American families ‘yellow’

David Rader state senate oklahoma

Sen. David Rader (R-OK) has faced backlash for using the term “yellow” when describing Asian American families during a recent state senate presentation about the racial wealth gap.

What happened: On Oct. 20, Damion Shade, a policy analyst at the Oklahoma Policy Institute, was holding a presentation on how racism affects the wealth gap between white and families of color and white families in the U.S when Rader asked him about Asian families while calling them “yellow,” according to Rolling Stone.

Viet immigrant businessman says Oklahoma police ‘illegally’ confiscated over $130,000 of his money

Viet immigrant Oklahoma police sold money

While on their way to buy a plot of farmland, Nang Thai and Weichuan Liu say Oklahoma police “illegally” confiscated the over $130,000 in cash they were carrying after pulling them over on Interstate 40.

What happened: The two New Mexico businessmen were driving along Interstate 40 at 2 a.m. on April 19 when Oklahoma police pulled them over, searched them and their vehicle and confiscated their money, according to NBC News.

‘White Savior’?: Lawyer of all-girls Afghan robotics team demands Oklahoma woman stop taking credit for their rescue

Afghan robotics team lawyer tells woman to stop

A lawyer representing an all-girls robotics team who fled Afghanistan has sent a formal cease-and-desist letter to an Oklahoma woman to stop her from taking credit for their rescue.

Tragedy for personal gain: Digital Citizen Fund (DCF), the parent organization that oversaw the safety of the 10-member robotics team, accused 60-year-old Allyson Reneau of using “such a tragically horrible situation” for her “own personal gain,” the Washington Post reported.

Beauty Shop Owner P‌un‌ch‌es Woman in Front of Children in Dis‌tur‌bin‌g Video

A disturbing video of a Black woman being pu‌nc‌hed in the face in front of an Oklahoma beauty store has outraged many after going viral.

This is at Juns Beauty Supply in Tulsa, OK. The one of North Peoria. This is the 2nd time an Asian owner of a Black beauty supply shop has physically attacked a Black woman in the past week. A small child walked out w/ a keychain – she took it back. He followed her out of the store harassing her and telling her that she needed to keep a better eye on her kids. It was a simple mistake. Everybody’s kids have done this. She then tried to walk away. He punched her in the face as she walked away mind you – bloodying her mouth and requiring stitches

Burmese Immigrant Raises Money to Help the Needy – Gets Stolen by Police

After a newspaper broke a story about an innocent Oklahoma man who had his cash unjustly seized and a criminal charge filed against him, it was announced that the charges against him will be dropped and the money returned.

Muskogee County District Attorney Orvil Loge recently announced that the $53,234 in cash seized from 40-year-old Eh Wah, the tour manager for Burmese rock band Klo & Kweh Music Team, in February will be returned and the drug-related felony charges filed against would be dropped.