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Inside the Life of a Man Who Makes up to $200,000 a NIGHT Hanging Out With Girls

There are only a select number of jobs in this world that make me go “WTF!?” The job of a male japanese host is one of them. A report by Vocative goes into the life of Hikaru Aizawa, who is supposedly the best male host in all of Japan. He claims to make up to $200,000 USD a night from his clients.

Women basically pay to hang out with Aizawa, including going out for dinners, drinking at the car, and other activities. Sex is not guaranteed, and it’s said that women mainly use these services to fill emotional voids.

This Guy is Makes Money Selling Cans of Air – No Really


How hard is it to literally make money out of thin air?  Not that hard actually, according to Antoine Deblay, a 22-year-old communication student from Montcuq, France, who was nice enough to chat with us over email.  Over last summer, Deblay came up with the simply genius idea to sell Air de Montcuq by taking notice of the  “reputation of Montcuq, and the reaction of people when they learn that someone lives in Montcuq… the idea came to me. Why not sell the Air de Montcuq?”  You see, “Montcuq” in French sounds  very similar to “mon cul,” which means “my ass.”   Imagine someone saying, “What? You live in my ass? Ooh you live in Montcuq, I get you.”  So you can see why this humorous product, the “air of my ass,” became popular overnight.  “I wanted to make a clean product that is not vulgar. What people like is the pun “Air Montcuq,” Deblay told us.

This Guy Makes $75 an Hour Cuddling With Strangers


Imagine being alone one night and you are in the mood to cuddle. The doorbell rings and you open the door to a shirtless Travis Sigley who will cuddle with you for $75 dollars an hour. Oh yeah, he used to be a stripper before becoming a successful entrepreneur. You might not know it, but there is a cuddle revolution going on with Sigley’s San Francisco based Cuddle Therapy in the middle of the pile. Cuddle Therapy provides therapeutic touch to clients with issues ranging from stress to intimacy as well as one-on-one and group calls with life coaches on the matter. Now, this touching strangers thing might not be what you first think it is, especially where sex fits in all this. As we got the chance to catch up with Travis, we learned some interesting points on touching, intimacy, and Metta Connect, his global venture that provides services and education on the benefits of cuddling. Check out the growing business of cuddling as we take an intimate look into his past to reveal the importance of touch therapy.