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‘Modern slavery’: Canadian retailer removes clothes allegedly made by North Korean forced labor in China

Reitmans canadian retail giant

On Friday, retail giant Reitmans (Canada) Limited announced it is removing all the clothes made by a Chinese factory that allegedly employs North Korean laborers from its stores.

What happened: In its statement, the company, which has more than 400 outlets in Canada, said it had already severed its ties with Dandong Huayang Textiles and Garments Limited at the end of 2020, according to WION.

Man Illegally Documents Trip to North Korea, Smuggles a Ton of Photos Home

A man brought back some of the most telling and forbidden souvenirs from his trip in North Korea.

London-based photographer and software developer Michal Huniewicz somehow managed to take prohibited photos during his visit to the militarized state and make it out with them intact. His pictures reveal the kind of day-to-day existence that North Koreans lead, but few know about.

North Korea Is Drugging Construction Workers With Crystal Meth To Make Them Work Faster

North Korea is allegedly giving its construction workers crystal meth in order meet deadlines for a skyscraper project.

Project managers in the country’s capital of Pyongyang are providing their workers with “ice,” also known as crystal meth, in order to finish a project that includes a 70-floor skyscraper and 60 apartment blocks. According to The Telegraph, the project was approved by Kim Jong-un earlier this year in reaction to the sanctions placed on the nation following its nuclear weapons test.