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Singaporean Hawker Offered $1.4 Million For Their Family Wanton Noodle Recipe, Turns Offer Down

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An anonymous individual reportedly offered the owner of Kok Kee Wanton Noodle, locally known as one of the most famous hawker stalls in Singapore, 2 million Singaporean dollars ($1.4 million) to buy their acclaimed secret recipe for wanton mee.

The famous wanton mee noodle stall, which has been in operation for years now, suddenly closed one of its two branches in 2016, with some fans speculating the close could be related to the owner suffering from health complications, according to World of Buzz.

After Becoming a Viral Superstar, Chinese Noodle Master Returns to Humble Beginnings

The noodle pulling master from China, who once captured the attention of netizens worldwide with his unique and entertaining way of preparing longevity noodles, has now returned to his roots. 

Today, the 31-year-old noodle master named Tian Bo says he wants to do away with all the fame and prefers to simply return to a normal job of pulling noodles, reports Chengdu Commercial Daily (via Shanghaiist).

Dancing Noodle Vendor Quits Job Because Internet Fame Got in His Head, Boss Says

The noodle vendor from Chengdu that became internet famous for his dancing has quit his job to bask in his newfound popularity, according to his former boss.

According to Shanghaiist, the 31-year-old noodle dancer, Tian Bo, quit his job 20 days after he became famous online despite his previous statement that he plans to stay at his current job even though he received many other job opportunities.