Dancing Noodle Vendor Quits Job Because Internet Fame Got in His Head, Boss Says

Dancing Noodle Vendor Quits Job Because Internet Fame Got in His Head, Boss Says
King Malleta
By King Malleta
March 24, 2017
The noodle vendor from Chengdu that became internet famous for his dancing has quit his job to bask in his newfound popularity, according to his former boss.
According to Shanghaiist, the 31-year-old noodle dancer, Tian Bo, quit his job 20 days after he became famous online despite his previous statement that he plans to stay at his current job even though he received many other job opportunities.
His former boss, surnamed You, said that Tian demanded a salary increase of more than $21,000 per year from his original pay of $5,000 a year. You’s wife also said that after becoming an online sensation, Tian started coming to work late and demanded four to five days off that month. Tian, who initially produced half of the restaurant’s noodles, only produced a quarter of the noodles after he became famous.
“Once he became a viral star, he got an inflated opinion of himself. He was not the noodle master that he once was,” said You. “If I had not shot the video, would he have become a star?”
After his viral video, Tian received numerous offers and media interviews. He also amassed about half a million followers when he got a job as an internet host and began gifts online in the form of money.
So while You is currently scouting for another noodle superstar to hire, Tian is fully taking advantage of his instant popularity. His former boss now says that he doesn’t want Tian back.
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