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Pitbull named ‘Nazi’ mauls 60-year-old owner in Thailand

  • A pitbull named “Nazi” mauled its 60-year-old owner after it saw her feeding a stray dog on Monday in Nakhon Ratchasima province in Thailand.
  • The owner was found lying in a pool of blood with “gaping wounds” on her neck and upper arm.
  • The victim’s condition and the dog’s fate following the attack are currently unknown.
  • The dog’s name, which is used to describe a member of the German fascist party under Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1945, was not viewed as unusual in Thailand.

A Pitbull named “Nazi” mauled its 60-year-old owner in northeast Thailand.

Nazi reportedly attacked its owner, identified as Supaporn, after it saw her feeding a stray dog at 2 p.m. local time on Monday in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

K-pop boy group Epex’s new song under fire for reference to Nazi pogrom Kristallnacht

  • Twitter is in a frenzy over K-pop boy group EPEX’s new song “Anthem of Teen Spirit,” which makes direct reference to the Nazi-led massacre, or pogrom, known as Kristallnacht.
  • Kristallnacht, also called “Crystal Night,” “Night of Broken Glass or the November pogrom, was an event where Nazis spurred on violent anti-Jewish riots, leading to the destruction of hundreds of synagogues, Jewish religious artifacts, Jewish businesses, homes and schools as well as the murder of 91 Jews and the arrest of 30,000 others to be sent to concentration camps.
  • The EPEX song includes the lyrics, “I see them burning raw. Crystal Night is coming.”
  • The outfits used in the group’s stage performances have also been criticized for resembling Nazi uniforms.

K-pop boy group EPEX dropped their third mini-album “Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1: 21st Century Boys,” yesterday, and their new title track “Anthem of Teen Spirit” is stirring up controversy on Twitter for referencing a Nazi massacre. 

“Kristallnacht,” also known as “Crystal Night,” “Night of Broken Glass” or the November pogrom, occurred on Nov. 9 and 10 in 1938. At the time, Herschel Grynszpan, a 17-year-old German-born Polish Jew, assassinated German diplomat Ernst vom Rath for deporting his family, triggering two days of Nazi-led riots targeting Jews in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. Hundreds of synagogues were wrecked, while religious artifacts were desecrated. Approximately 7,500 Jewish businesses, homes and schools were plundered. The attacks led to the death of 91 Jews and the arrest of 30,000 men sent to concentration camps.

Newly-opened Japanese host club apologizes for Nazi-themed bar, costumes

nazi themed

A newly opened Japanese host club that promotes Nazi-themed costumes has apologized for its lack of awareness on the issue.

Backlash: Unfair Club, which opened on Sunday in Osaka, drew outrage online after its promotional pictures, showing its hosts – or male entertainers – donning Nazi-themed uniforms, swastika armbands and with swastika-plastered champagne bottles, according to Vice.

K-Pop Idol Sparks Outrage After Posting Photos Hugging With Nazi Uniform Mannequin


Source Music, the management firm of K-pop group Gfriend, issued an apology after group member Sowon posted photos of herself with a mannequin dressed in a Nazi uniform.

The photos were taken during a music video shoot at a café in the city of Paju in South Korea in November, Source Music explained in a statement through Big Hit’s fan app on Monday, Variety reported.

Old Images of BTS Members Wearing ‘Nazi’ Symbol Spark Controversy


K-pop sensation BTS has sparked another controversy after a prominent Jewish group called them out for wearing hats adorned with Nazi symbols during a photoshoot.

The popular South Korean boyband faced criticism last month after 23-year-old BTS member Jimin was seen wearing a t-shirt containing the text “Patrio‌tis‌m our history libe‌rati‌on Korea” printed multiple times along with an image of the a‌to‌m‌ic bo‌‌m‌b that devastated H‌iros‌him‌a at the end of World W‌a‌r II.

‘Asian White Supremacist’ Hank Yoo Arrested in Texas by Federal Agents

A Korean American man known as the “Asian Nazi” on social media was arrested in Tyler, Texas, on Friday on a federal warrant by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Heon “Hank” Jong Yoo, 24, was booked into the Smith County Jail by ATF around 10:30 p.m. after making false statements while he purchased firearms, according to a U.S. Marshals Service spokesman.

Store Owner Causes Severe Backlash After ‘Cluelessly’ Stocking Nazi Stickers in Taiwan

A Taiwanese automotive store in the Hsinchu County town of Zhubei has recently come under fire for selling a Nazi flag sticker labeled as the “flag of Germany”.

According to Taiwan News, the offending item was spotted by a man named Ted Pillar, who snapped a photo and uploaded it to the FaceBook group 新竹爆料公社 (Xinzhu Baoliao Gongshe).

Asian Man Reveals Why He Voted For Trump and Why Liberals Should ‘Suck His Big Asian Cock’

A young Asian American known only on the Internet as Uncle Chang — the Asian equivalent of an Uncle Tom — called out liberals on why they lost the 2016 presidential election and to suck his “big Asian cock.”

He delivered his speech in front of the “He Will Not Divide Us” livestream protest at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City on January 31.

Taiwanese High School Under Fire After Students March Parade in Full Nazi Uniforms

A school-sanctioned event at a Taiwanese high school was strongly denounced by the Israeli government after several students marched in a parade wearing Nazi uniforms.

Hsinchu’s Kuangfu Senior High School students from the sophomore media and design class not only sported Nazi outfits but also marched with cardboard tank props while giving the “Sieg Heil” salute, reported the China Post.

Japanese Pop Idols Cause Outrage After Wearing Nazi Costumes For Halloween

It is now becoming a trend for some Japanese pop stars to wear Nazi costumes. The most recent J-pop idols to don Nazi wardrobe were Keyakizaka46, who uploaded photos of themselves on social media wearing Nazi costumes for Halloween.

秋元康ってネトウヨ?欅坂46の新衣装が思い切りナチスドイツの軍服なんですけど。 安倍政権がナチス崇拝だから問題ないのかな?:(ヽ’ω‘):