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Nanny in Taiwan Fired After Getting Caught Drinking Breast Milk Meant For the Baby

A mother in Taipei thoroughly screened a 58-year-old nanny to help her take care of her baby daughter, but it turns out the hired help really loves to drink the breast milk meant for the woman’s child.

The 27-year-old mother, surnamed Lin, told MailOnline that she hired the carer while she was in postpartum confinement, in which new mothers must stay indoors for a month, according to Chinese culture.

58-Year-Old Chinese Nanny Enslaved and Beaten By Wealthy Minnesota Family

A Chinese nanny, who was enslaved and assaulted by a Minnesota family, was found wandering the streets at night in search of an airport to return home to China.

The 58-year-old victim allegedly worked for a Chinese woman, Lili Huang, and her family in Woodbury, Minnesota. Huang, 35, has been charged with five felonies that include labor trafficking, false imprisonment and multiple counts of assault. She is currently held on $350,000 bail and being monitored with an ankle bracelet.