Nanny in Taiwan Fired After Getting Caught Drinking Breast Milk Meant For the Baby

Nanny in Taiwan Fired After Getting Caught Drinking Breast Milk Meant For the Baby

September 20, 2017
A mother in Taipei thoroughly screened a 58-year-old nanny to help her take care of her baby daughter, but it turns out the hired help really loves to drink the breast milk meant for the woman’s child.
The 27-year-old mother, surnamed Lin, told MailOnline that she hired the carer while she was in postpartum confinement, in which new mothers must stay indoors for a month, according to Chinese culture.
Lin, doubted the sincerity of the nanny after she watched a CCTV footage of their living room to confirm her suspicions, according to Taiwan News.
After reviewing the surveillance footage, the Taiwanese mother found out that the remaining breast milk from the baby bottle wasn’t fed to her daughter but was instead consumed by the nanny off camera.
Lin confronted the mischievous nanny, who initially lied about her actions but later admitted that she did “only drank a little bit.” The incident angered the mother because the nanny didn’t just lie to her, but she also left the baby without burping her just so she could gulp down the remaining breast milk.
Lin scolded the nanny telling her, “in the future, if my daughter is full, please feed the rest to my son!”
The mother explained that it’s difficult for her to produce enough milk for her daughter, and the nanny isn’t helping by consuming all the leftovers.
Lin eventually found out about the nanny’s notorious reputation for being “selfish when caring for children,” based on the assessment given by her previous employer. It is assumed the nanny is no longer employed by the young mother.
The concerned mother is hoping to warn the nanny’s future employers of her notoriety after hearing that the woman landed a job at a kindergarten.
Lin is fortunate her previous nanny was not as sinister as the one who burned an entire family in China. According to the South China Morning Post, a nanny admitted to starting a fire at a high-rise apartment in Hangzhou, which led to the death of a mother and her three children.
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