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MSNBC Deliberately Declined Interview With Andrew Yang, Ex Producer Confirms

A former producer with MSNBC has revealed that the network deliberately chose to decline an interview with Andrew Yang ahead of the Democratic presidential debates.

The first debates, which took place from June 26 – 27, 2019 in Miami, triggered the earliest speculations of a “#YangMediaBlackout” after the candidate’s mic temporarily failed to function.

Andrew Yang’s Finance Director Blasts MSNBC For ‘Systemic Racism’

A fundraising director for Andrew Yang criticized MSNBC for “silencing” the candidate in the latest Democratic presidential primary debate, describing the move as a case of “systemic racism.”

The debate, which took place in Atlanta on Wednesday, saw the 44-year-old tech entrepreneur wait for roughly 32 minutes before having the chance to speak — and for the shortest amount of time among all 10 candidates present.