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Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Gets Racially Harassed Over Coronavirus Fears

Michelle Phan

OG beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan recently shared she has also received many of the racist remarks that Asian people get during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (or 2019-nCoV).

In her Twitter post on Friday, the 32-year-old YouTuber and co-founder of Ipsy shared a screenshot where she replied to a racist comment targeting Asian people amid the 2019-nCoV outbreak, according to Insider.

What Happened to Vietnamese American Beauty Expert Michelle Phan?

michelle phan

If you were like me and were trying to start your make-up game strong, you went to YouTube to find easy makeup hacks and tutorials to try to make that cat eye as sharp as a paper cut.

Chances are, in those early YouTube makeup beauty guru days, you stumbled upon Michelle Phan. This Vietnamese American beauty expert was rejected from the Sephora counter. Flash forward to now and she has almost nine million subscribers, a lot more visitors than she could ever get at a Sephora counter.