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Teen Claims She Tried Sm‌ug‌glin‌g 394 E‌cs‌ta‌s‌‌y Pills into Music Festival to ‘Help Her Family’


Tina Phan, the aspiring nurse who p‌lea‌ded g‌u‌ilt‌y to su‌pplying a prohi‌bite‌d dr‌u‌g at a music festival in Australia, claims she only did it to help her family.

The 18-year-old was busted after trying to sm‌ug‌gl‌e 394 ec‌st‌a‌sy capsules into Knockout Games of Destiny music festival at Sydney Olympic Park in early December, MailOnline reports. 

Shocking Video Shows What Taking Ecstasy Did to One 16-Year-Old Girl

When 16-year-old Amy Thomson decided to go to a ecstasy-fuelled house party in Glasgow, Scotland last June, she didn’t know that one little pill would devastate her life.

She took a powerful form of crystallized MDMA, the main ingredient in other forms of the drug known as molly and ecstasy, that left her struggling to survive in a month-long coma. Now, Amy and her family have released a short video to bring awareness to the devastating side effects of MDMA which may include potentially permanent brain damage.