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‘If Yan can cook, so can you!’: TV chef icon Martin Yan awarded James Beard Lifetime Achievement honor

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  • TV chef personality Martin Yan was announced yesterday as this year’s James Beard Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award winner.
  • Yan is the second Asian American to win the award, after Chinese American restaurateur and chef Cecilia Chiang, who won in 2013.
  • In 1982 at the age of 33, a young Yan was given the opportunity to have his own cooking show, titled “Yan Can Cook.” Since then, he went on to dedicate 43 years to sharing Asian American cuisine and culture to a global audience.
  • Under PBS, Yan has filmed over 2,000 TV episodes and published nearly 30 cookbooks.
  • Yan was previously awarded six other James Beard awards, predominantly for his work in television cooking.

Chinese American culinary legend Martin Yan has been given the 2022 James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award for his 43 years in the industry.

Prestigious culinary arts organization the James Beard Foundation announced yesterday  TV chef icon Martin Yan, 73, as the recipient of their 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award. The honor is reserved for people working in the food industry “whose lifetime body of work has had a positive and long-lasting impact on the way we eat, cook, and think about food in America.”

‘I was the only one doing it’: TV chef icon Martin Yan on 43 years of sharing Asian American cuisine

  • Television chef Martin Yan spoke to NextShark about his 43 years in the industry, discrimination he has faced, the meaning of “authenticity” in cooking, and how he has become more vocal in advocating for Asian American communities.
  • In his new web series called “MY Chinatown,” Yan hopes to support the communities around him, saying he has become “more vocal” in his advocacy in the past few years.
  • “The Chinese have been living in Chinatown, have been working hard in Chinatown, have been contributing to the economy of the U.S., the tourism of California and the city, for 160 years! We are part of America. It’s a melting pot. Why do you have to hate us?” he said.

Chef Martin Yan has spent 43 years sharing Asian American culture and cooking on broadcast television – now he hopes to engage in more activism with his “MY Chinatown” series.

When Martin Yan joins the Zoom call, he instantly glides into TV presenter mode. After settling in with his AirPods, he cheerily walks me through the Chinese New Year decorations that have taken up the majority of his kitchen.