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Martin Shkreli Says Cancer Pill Scandal Got Him a Lot of Girls in Reddit AMA

The infamous founder and CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Martin Shkreli, recently participated in an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit this past weekend.

Shkreli, 32, became one of the most despised CEOs in America after his company bought out and raised the price of a drug used for the treatment of HIV and cancer from $13.50 to $750 overnight. According to his AMA, however, his experience as the most hated man in America has got him a lot of girls.

There’s Now a $1-A-Pill Competitor to Martin Shkreli’s $750 Cancer/HIV Drug

San Diego-based Imprimis Pharmaceuticals has created an alternative drug to Daraprim, the drug used to treat HIV and cancer patients whose rights were bought by Martin Shkreli’s Turing Pharmaceuticals and subsequently raised from $13.50 per pill to $750.

The best part of Imprimis’ medication? It only costs $1. Mark L. Baum, Imprimis’ CEO, said in a news release:

Woman Allegedly Matches With Martin Shkreli on Tinder, Bashes Him For Being a Douche

Of all the terrible matches a girl can end up with on Tinder, Martin Shkreli takes the cake.

One unlucky young woman happened to swiped right on the infamous man who earned himself the title as “the most hated man in America” after raising the price of an HIV and cancer drug, harassing a colleague’s family, and allegedly bribing an ex-girlfriend for sexual favors.

CEO Douche Who Jacked Up the Price of HIV/Cancer Drug is More Evil Than We Thought

Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals who infamously purchased the rights to a life-saving cancer and HIV medication before increasing the price by more than 5,000%, has a shady history involving stalking a colleague’s family and harassing them by promising to make them all, including their four children, homeless.

Shkreli, the then-CEO and founder of biopharmaceutical company Retrophin, harassed now-former colleague Timothy Pierotti and his family after a business deal gone bad. According to a court affidavit, Pierotti claimed Shkreli hacked into his AOL, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and harassed his family members over social media. In 2013, Shkreli also allegedly wrote a letter to Pierotti’s wife saying, “I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this.”