Martin Shkreli Allegedly Tried Bribing His Ex-Girlfriend $10,000 For Sexual Favors

New details about Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli’s history have emerged, and they don’t help his already tattered image.
An email correspondence in which Shkreli offers $10,000 in exchange for oral sex from his ex-girlfriend was made public last week.
The ex-girlfriend, who identifies herself as Katie, wrote on her blog on Tuesday:
“Freshman year of college I dated Martin Shkreli: unrepentant capitalist, quoter of Eminem lyrics, embodiment of douchebaggery.
“[…]  In April 2008, a full 5-years after we had broken up, he sent me a facebook message alleging, ‘95% of the time i get off i’m thinking about you.’ ‘ick,’ I responded. And it didn’t end there and then.”
The woman also included screenshots of the messages Shkreli sent from his work account at Elea Capital Management, a hedge fund he managed in the past.
Responding to Shkreli told Business Insider the “context” of the conversation are missing
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