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Royal Opera to stage ‘Madame Butterfly’ with racist parts removed after ‘year-long consultation’

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  • The Royal Opera will implement changes to the makeup, costumes and movement of its revival production of the classic opera “Madame Butterfly” this month.
  • The changes come following a year-long consultation with “academics, practitioners, performers and Asian representatives.”
  • While Royal Opera director Oliver Mears considers Puccini’s work a masterpiece, he noted that it is also a “product of its time.”
  • The Royal Opera House will also host a free exhibition for audiences to “explore and contextualize the complicated history and context of the piece, addressing issues that include stereotyping and imperialism.”

British opera company the Royal Opera will stage a version of the classical opera “Madame Butterfly” this month with the racist parts removed, the company said. 

The production will open at the Royal Opera House in London on June 14. It is the result of a year-long consultation that explored how traditional operas can be more sensitively presented in contemporary times.

Tennessee Opera Thought It Was OK To Do ‘Madame Butterfly’ With Entire Cast in YELLOWFACE


An opera company in Tennessee has been accused of racism after having what appears to be the entire cast for a production of “Madame Butterfly” in yellowface.

Knoxville Opera, which holds performances at the Tennessee Theatre, first ran the Giacomo Puccini opera in 2010, though it cast a Korean actress (Park Jin-won) for the lead role of Cio-Cio-San at the time.