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Lululemon Founder Named the Company Because It Was ‘Funny to Watch’ Japanese People Try to Say It

Lululemon’s original founder, Chip Wilson, stepped down in December 2013 following some questionable statements, but now the Vancouver-based athletic apparel company is back in the spotlight.

Earlier this week, Lululemon came under scrutiny when one of its senior global art directors posted a design of a long-sleeve T-shirt targeting the Chinese community on his personal Instagram account. The art director, Trevor Fleming, has since been fired from his position. This wouldn’t be the first problematic issue to come out of the company, however.

In 2005, Wilson told Canada’s National Post Business Magazine that the inability of Japanese people to pronounce L’s served as another marketing tool for the company in the country.

Lululemon Art Director Fired After Promoting Racist T-Shirt on Instagram, CEO Sends Memo

Lululemon has fired one of their art directors in Vancouver after he promoted a t-shirt titled “Bat Fried Rice” on Instagram, which drew ire from the Asian community.

What Happened: On Sunday April 9, Venice-based designer Jess Sluder posted the shirt on Instagram and tagged Lululemon Art Director Trevor Fleming. TV personality and entrepreneur Dorothy Wang discovered the shirt and immediately reached out to the designer, but was promptly blocked. Because Fleming was tagged in the post and promoted the shirt on his Instagram bio, many believed he was involved in the shirt’s design. Chef Eddie Huang and designer Rocky Xu also publicly spoke out condemning the design. Sluder took down his post hours later. Read more…

Female Factory Workers in Bangladesh Are Allegedly Being Abused Making Lululemon’s Yoga Pants

Lululemon leggings

Athletic apparel retailer Lululemon has found itself embroiled in controversy over reports of alleged abuse of the female workers in its supplying factories in Bangladesh. 

According to an exposé published by the The Guardian, the Bangladeshi women who make Lululemon clothing in the factories have claimed that they were subjected to physical and verbal abuse. Based on the workers’ claims, they were often subjected to sexual slurs by their managers who called them “sluts” and “whores.”