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Viral video shows panicked shoppers attempting to escape an Ikea outlet in China during flash lockdown

  • Chaos ensued at an Ikea outlet in Shanghai’s Xuhui district after security announced a flash lockdown on Saturday due to potential COVID-19 exposure.
  • The order came after authorities learned that one shopper had been in close contact with a positive case, Shanghai Health Commission deputy director Zhao Dandan said on Sunday.
  • Although Zhao did not specify when the close contact visited the Ikea outlet, he said that everyone located in the building and its surrounding areas was required to quarantine for two days, followed by five days of health monitoring.
  • Citing eyewitness reports on Chinese social media, Bloomberg reported that some shoppers were stuck inside the outlet for around four hours before they were transported to quarantine hotels.
  • Videos taken on Saturday have been circulating on social media, with one video on Twitter having already amassed more than 146,000 views.

Chaos ensued at an Ikea outlet in Shanghai after security announced a flash lockdown due to potential COVID-19 exposure last weekend.

The incident occurred at an Ikea in Shanghai’s Xuhui district on Saturday. Health officials ordered the outlet to commence a flash lockdown after authorities learned that one shopper had been in contact with a positive case – a 6-year-old boy from Lhasa in Tibet – according to Shanghai Health Commission deputy director Zhao Dandan on Sunday.

Video: Woman in China forcibly administered COVID test while being pinned down

woman pinned down

Many internet users have been left horrified by a video posted to Twitter that appears to show a woman in China being pinned down as a worker forcibly swabs her mouth for a COVID-19 test.

The video begins with the woman pinned to the floor as a testing site employee sits on top of her. He then forcibly opens her mouth while another testing worker, wearing a protective suit, swabs her mouth for a COVID test. The woman attempts to resist while screaming; however, the testing employee holds her hands under his knees, preventing the woman from moving. 

Chinese netizens challenge Great Firewall with viral video of Shanghai residents’ voices

  • Chinese social media users fought censors last week when they came up with creative ways to spread a video that highlighted the plight of locked-up residents in Shanghai.
  • The six-minute video, titled “Voices of April,” featured voices of residents who found themselves in difficult situations as the month-long, anti-Omicron lockdown crippled their movement.
  • One voice in the video belonged to a man who expressed his anger as hospitals allegedly refused to admit his ill father.
  • The creator of the video, who reportedly goes by the moniker “Strawberry Fields Forever,” has urged others to stop sharing the video over fears of its distribution in “directions I don’t want.”
  • As of Friday, nearly half of Shanghai’s population were determined to be in lower-risk areas, indicating they can already leave their homes. 

Chinese social media users reportedly battled censors on April 22 when they came up with creative ways to spread a video that featured voices of Shanghai residents locked up in their homes as the city struggles to contain an Omicron outbreak.

The six-minute video, titled “Voices of April,” was blocked soon after being posted on Weibo, but users managed to make it viral by changing its name or pasting QR codes in random photos that allowed others to download it.

Chinese man’s 24/7 livestream of his self-imposed quarantine as performance art draws in millions

  • Performance artist Pang Kuan is willingly going through a two-week “self-quarantine” despite not having COVID-19.
  • On Saturday, he restricted his living space to a 98-by-98-inch platform at the Star Gallery in Beijing.
  • Pang’s performance, which he dubbed “Bye Bye Disco,” is a reflection of the current situation in China, where residents are forced to stay indoors as the government tries to contain the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.
  • The 24/7 livestream of the performance, which shows Pang going about his everyday life in his confined space, has garnered over 3.3 million views so far.  
  • While some viewers find the performance entertaining, others consider it to be “grandstanding.”

A performance artist’s livestream of his two-week “self-quarantine” has been garnering millions of views on Chinese social media. 

Despite not having COVID-19, Pang Kuan started isolating himself on Saturday, restricting his living space to a 98-by-98-inch platform at the Star Gallery in Beijing. The entire space is set up in such a way that his every move can be visible to viewers. 

Panic buying triggered as Shanghai residents are fenced behind metal barriers for ‘hard quarantine’

  • Shanghai residents are now behind metal barriers as the city enters its fourth week of lockdown amid an Omicron outbreak.
  • Government workers and volunteers installed the green fences measuring 2 meters (around 6.5 feet) tall over the weekend across small streets and on entrances to apartment buildings.
  • The move, which authorities describe as “hard quarantine,” falls in line with China’s zero-COVID policy.
  • Beijing has started to fight its own outbreak, with residents mandated to undergo three tests this week.

As Shanghai’s lockdown drags into a grueling fourth week, residents now find themselves trapped behind metal fences, as seen in photos posted on Weibo.

Government workers and volunteers reportedly installed green metal barriers — about 2 meters (around 6.5 feet) tall — in multiple districts over the weekend, blocking small streets and entrances to apartment buildings.

Chinese diner trapped in restaurant for days due to sudden COVID lockdown: ‘I can’t eat hot pot anymore’

  • A woman and around 40 other customers were provided with free-flowing food for three days after a COVID-19 lockdown forced them into isolation inside a hot pot restaurant in China.
  • Wang, the customer who documented the incident, shared that the restaurant owner’s kindness turned an otherwise scary incident into a pleasant experience for everyone.
  • "Although this is an unexpected situation that no one wants, the experience this time is quite comfortable and enjoyable," she was quoted as saying. "I really can't eat hot pot anymore."

Customers of a hot pot restaurant in China were treated to free meals for three days after they were forced to stay in the establishment due to a COVID-19 lockdown.

A viral video on Weibo shows the experience of a woman named Wang who met her four friends for a late hot pot dinner at a restaurant in the city of Zhengzhou on March 18.

Largest Chinese city to date, tens of millions put on strict COVID lockdown after record outbreak

shenzhen lockdown
  • China reported over 5,100 new COVID cases on Tuesday, March 15, causing several cities to go into lockdown.
  • The rapid increase in infections marks a stark difference from February, when there were only a few dozen reported cases.
  • Unexpected lockdowns have also created panic among citizens who have reportedly been scrambling to gather necessities.
  • On Thursday, a student in quarantine posted online that there was a “serious shortage of daily necessities” in their dormitories, with female students not having access to sanitary pads and the sick not having people to care for them.
  • China is not alone in its Omicron surge – Korea also reported a record number of cases with an all-time high of 383,664 this past Friday.

Tens of millions of people in China are in strict lockdown after a record number of reported cases on Tuesday.

In pursuit of its zero-COVID policy, China has ordered residents of several cities, including Changchun, Jilin City and Shenzhen, after hitting a record high of infections this month. The latest outbreak of over 5,100 reported cases on March 15 marked a rapid increase from the few dozen in February just last month. 

Chinese couple trapped for a month together on their second date due to sudden COVID lockdown get engaged

quarantine engagement
  • A Chinese man and woman who planned a one-day date were trapped for a month at home together due to an unexpected COVID-19 lockdown.
  • The woman, Zhao Xiaoqing, announced their engagement plans after she found that she and her lockdown partner, Zhao Fei, had “compatible souls.”

A Chinese woman who was trapped on a month-long date due to a COVID-19 lockdown in Shaanxi province announced engagement plans to her quarantine date.

The woman, Zhao Xiaoqing, aged 28, had arranged a one-day date with Zhao Fei (who is of the same age) from Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, but a day unexpectedly turned into a month-long live-in date when a sudden COVID-19 lockdown measure was put in place. 

Video: Chinese COVID-19 patients confined to metal boxes in quarantine camps

Covid Camps
  • Photos and videos of quarantine camps in Xi’an were revealed online this week.
  • Twitter user @songpinganq reshared a string of videos taken by quarantined individuals showing the rows of temporary housing and the scarce conditions inside the boxes.
  • Social media users say officials have been transporting hundreds of pregnant women, children and eldery to these quarantine camps since the start of the year.

Photos and videos from Chinese quarantine camps show that government officials are isolating residents in what looks like hundreds of metal boxes.

Twenty million Chinese residents from Xi’an, Yuzhou and Anyang are being confined to their homes as a result of China’s strict “zero-COVID” policy.

China locks down third city, Anyang, raising total in strict quarantine to 20 million

  • China locked down the city of Anyang, bringing the total number of Chinese residents in quarantine to 20 million people.
  • Anyang joins Xi’an and Yuzhou as the latest Chinese city to be locked down due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Chinese city of Anyang joined Xi’an and Yuzhou in  lockdown because of a COVID-19 outbreak, according to the Associated Press (AP).

On Monday, the government announced that they were locking down the city after two cases of Omicron were reported. It is not clear how long the lockdown of Anyang is expected to last.

Xi’an woman begging for period products in viral video called ‘dramatic’ on Chinese social media

  • Residents of Xi’an, a locked down city in China under quarantine, continue to suffer health issues and supply shortages.
  • A video of a woman pleading for period products from a health worker went viral on Weibo last week.
  • Male Chinese social media users responded by saying the woman was being “dramatic” and “self-centered.”

A video of a resident from the city of Xi’an, which has been on lockdown since Dec. 22, went viral as the city continues to suffer health issues and supply shortages. 

Xi’an, home to about 13 million people, has been on strict lockdown after the government reported over 1,000 residents (well over 1,600 as of last week, according to CNN) tested positive for COVID-19 in December, reported the New York Times.