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Video: Chinese COVID-19 patients confined to metal boxes in quarantine camps

Covid Camps
  • Photos and videos of quarantine camps in Xi’an were revealed online this week.
  • Twitter user @songpinganq reshared a string of videos taken by quarantined individuals showing the rows of temporary housing and the scarce conditions inside the boxes.
  • Social media users say officials have been transporting hundreds of pregnant women, children and eldery to these quarantine camps since the start of the year.

Photos and videos from Chinese quarantine camps show that government officials are isolating residents in what looks like hundreds of metal boxes.

Twenty million Chinese residents from Xi’an, Yuzhou and Anyang are being confined to their homes as a result of China’s strict “zero-COVID” policy.

China locks down third city, Anyang, raising total in strict quarantine to 20 million

  • China locked down the city of Anyang, bringing the total number of Chinese residents in quarantine to 20 million people.
  • Anyang joins Xi’an and Yuzhou as the latest Chinese city to be locked down due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Chinese city of Anyang joined Xi’an and Yuzhou in  lockdown because of a COVID-19 outbreak, according to the Associated Press (AP).

On Monday, the government announced that they were locking down the city after two cases of Omicron were reported. It is not clear how long the lockdown of Anyang is expected to last.

Xi’an woman begging for period products in viral video called ‘dramatic’ on Chinese social media

  • Residents of Xi’an, a locked down city in China under quarantine, continue to suffer health issues and supply shortages.
  • A video of a woman pleading for period products from a health worker went viral on Weibo last week.
  • Male Chinese social media users responded by saying the woman was being “dramatic” and “self-centered.”

A video of a resident from the city of Xi’an, which has been on lockdown since Dec. 22, went viral as the city continues to suffer health issues and supply shortages. 

Xi’an, home to about 13 million people, has been on strict lockdown after the government reported over 1,000 residents (well over 1,600 as of last week, according to CNN) tested positive for COVID-19 in December, reported the New York Times.

COVID locked-down Xi’an sees tragedies, food complications mount

  • Xi’an’s “zero COVID” policy has forced the city of 13 million people into strict home confinement for two weeks.
  • A woman who was eight months pregnant at the time of the lockdown lost her baby after a hospital refused her entry without a COVID-19 test. Footage of her outside the hospital posted to social media went viral.
  • The lockdown has led to a shortage of food and supplies in the city, and some residents have reportedly resorted to bartering goods for consumables and household essentials.

Residents of Xi’an, China, have been under lockdown since Dec. 23, causing health issues and food shortages for the 13 million citizens confined to their homes.

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