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You’re Only in Your 20s, Slow Down and Enjoy Life

I asked my CEO today “what can I do to be better?” and he responded that it was the fourth time I asked that question in the last month. While he appreciated my efforts to always improve and get better, he told me I needed to give it time. Whenever I’ve asked him for feedback in the past, he’s always told me that I’ve done a great job and that if I continue to do what I do, I’ll be fine.

I thought to myself that that’s the worst feedback I can get. I don’t want to be “fine.” I want to be great, to be excellent, to be amazing, to be (insert another synonym here). It was almost offensive that I will be “fine” because it sounded like mediocrity.

Why This Small European Country is Still One of the Happiest Places in the World to Live

A new revelation is reinforcing a hunch that I have had for quite some time now: It is time to pack my bags and move to the one of the happiest places on Earth. According to the 2015 World Happiness Report, the Netherlands is once again among the top 10 happiest countries to live in.

What makes the Dutch people so happy? Well, aside from the many government social benefits and the high standard of living, people there also work a lot less than their American counterparts.