Man Reveals the Sad and Lonely Truth of Being Homeless

Sometimes, you can almost imagine what it would be like to be homeless. This video, however, may just show you that you have absolutely no idea.
In the video above, Youtuber Tyler Mann sits down with a homeless man at a gas station to share something most people in society are too scared, disgusted or selfish to even start with the homeless — a conversation.
The man, whose name wasn’t revealed, talks about the impact of jail, his previous life as an entrepreneur, his sadness over people being afraid of him, and the loneliness of being homeless. Stripped of everything we take for granted in our lives, the world can become a cruel and ugly place.
Today, the man’s simple life consists of bringing joy and happiness to the world through music.

“We can all make a negative influence in somebody’s life, but if we can be a positive difference in somebody’s life, and make them just think for a minute, maybe there is something worth caring about.”

In case you were wondering, Mann didn’t give the man money after the video, but he did buy him a beer.
h/t: Reddit
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