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K-Pop Idols Go Viral After Being Called ‘Korean Lesbian Billionaire’ Couple Worth $170 Billion

Many netizens fell hard for the now-viral tweet stating that a Korean lesbian billionaire couple Ha Soo Young and Kim Ji Woo had just tied the knot, becoming the world’s richest couple with a combined net worth of $170 billion.

[BREAKING] Lesbian Korean Billionaires, Ha Soo Young and Kim Ji Woo, marry. With a combined net worth of $170 BILLION, this makes them the richest couple

Japan’s Most Powerful Business Woman Comes Out as Lesbian With LGBT Activist Girlfriend

Kazuyo Katsuma, a high-profile businesswoman in Japan, surprised the nation on Monday when she announced her relationship with Hiroko Masuhara, a prominent LGBT activist.

In 2005, Katsuma made it to the Wall Street Journal’s “The 50 Women to Watch” after winning “legions of fans among Japanese working mothers” through the management of an online forum.

Film Company Has the Most Brilliant Response to Malaysia’s Homophobic Video Contest

A Malaysian film company called Grim Film has teamed up with doctor-turned-comedian Jason Leong to launch a video contest in response to an anti-LGBT competition by Malaysia’s Health Ministry earlier this month.

YouTuber Jared Lee’s company and Dr. Leong have joined forces to offer $1,001 with the hashtag #ThisPaysMoreThanTheOtherCompetition, in an effort to counter the ministry’s homophobic contest.

Internet Mistakes K-Pop Group Members for Chinese Lesbian Billionaires Who Got Married

A Cosmic Girls’ fan joked that members Meng Mei Qi and Wu Xuan Yi were married lesbian billionaires, and people fell for it because it’s hard to distinguish between real and fake news onl the internet these days.

It all started after Abby Fry, a teenage fan of the South Korean-Chinese group, also known as WJSN, tweeted out breaking news that Meng and Wu were Chinese billionaires who tied the knot, “making them the richest couple alive”.

Gay Men in China Have Fake Marriages with Lesbians to Make Their Parents Happy

Within the deeply rooted traditions of Chinese family culture, gays and lesbians in China resort to marrying each other to give their families the illusion that they are in a conventional relationship.

It’s a growing trend in a massive country where homosexuality is legal, but same-sex marriage is not. Because of China’s very family-centric traditions and emphasis on social reputation, it’s almost more feasible for fake gay and lesbian couples to make arrangements to live with each other and even produce a child for their parents than suffer the social consequences being involved in a same-sex relationship.