K-Pop Idols Go Viral After Being Called ‘Korean Lesbian Billionaire’ Couple Worth $170 Billion

K-Pop Idols Go Viral After Being Called ‘Korean Lesbian Billionaire’ Couple Worth $170 BillionK-Pop Idols Go Viral After Being Called ‘Korean Lesbian Billionaire’ Couple Worth $170 Billion
Bryan Ke
February 27, 2019
Many netizens fell hard for the now-viral tweet stating that a Korean lesbian billionaire couple Ha Soo Young and Kim Ji Woo had just tied the knot, becoming the world’s richest couple with a combined net worth of $170 billion.
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As it turns out, however, these women are actually members of a famous South Korean girl group, Loona — to be more specific, they are Yves and Chuu.
The responses of the locals actually made me laugh since they were all being cute and congratulating them,” Rine, a 19-year-old student from the Philippines, told BuzzFeed.
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Yes, a lot of netizens actually believed the viral tweet at first and some even went the extra mile to do the math.
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While speaking to the publication, Rine admitted that she only created the viral tweet for fun and for the group.
I wasn’t really expecting that my tweet will reach the local Twitter, since I’m an orbit and all I tweet about is Loona. And I personally think that they should search who these girls are, since I stated their names before congratulating them,” she said. “I mean, this is just Twitter, and most of Stan Twitter will literally do everything and anything for their faves to be promoted.”
“The other responses to my tweet were either full of hatred or just people being surprised. I didn’t even expect that my tweet will blow just like that, because like I said — I did it just for fun and for Loona of course.”
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It’s evident by the number of likes and shares — 195,000 and 53,000, respectively as of the time of writing — that Rine’s tweet exploded. And it eventually made its way to other famous celebrities including American singer/songwriter Kehlani. The tweet even made its way into Victoria Monet’s Instagram stories, BuzzFeed reported.
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But what Rine really wanted from the beginning, when she decided to make this tweet, was for everyone to stan Loona and watch the music video for the group’s latest single, “Butterfly.”
Featured images (left, right) via Instagram / loonatheworld, (center) screenshot via Twitter / chaoticbyoec
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