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‘It’s about morals, principles and values’: Enes Kanter Freedom willing to ‘educate’ Lebron James

Enes Kanter offers to educate Lebron James

Enes Kanter Freedom is willing to “help” and “educate” Lakers star LeBron James on China’s human rights issues despite the four-time MVP claiming  Freedom is not someone he would “give his energy to.”

It’s time to stand up: Speaking to reporters after the Celtics’ practice on Tuesday, Freedom, who has recently become an American citizen, said he had assumed the discussion would be uncomfortable for the “Space Jam 2” actor, according to ESPN

‘He’s someone I wouldn’t give my energy’: Lebron James responds to Enes Kanter calling him a ‘hypocrite’

LeBron James claps back at Enes Kanter’s call out

NBA superstar LeBron James has broken his silence over Enes Kanter’s call-out last week, where he accused the “Space Jam 2” actor of choosing “money over morals” on the issue of Nike and alleged forced labor in China.

The clapback: During a press conference after the Lakers-Celtics match on Friday, James, 36, said Kanter, 29, was using James’ name “to create an opportunity for himself.” 

‘Squid Game’ creator claps back at NBA superstar Lebron James’ criticism of show’s ending

squid game lebron james

Hwang Dong-hyuk, director of the massively popular Netflix series “Squid Game,” did not pull his punches when he clapped back at LeBron James for criticizing the show’s ending.

What happened: The 36-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star was caught on camera discussing the ending of “Squid Game” with teammate Anthony Davis after a press conference on Oct. 12, according to ESPN.

A Single Tweet By Lebron James Costs $140,000

Among all athletes, NBA star Lebron James has the most valuable social media. A single Twitter post by the Cleveland Cavalier is valued at about $140,000.

Most companies cough up between $1,000 and $2,500 to have a professional athlete post a sponsored tweet. A single character from Lebron James, however, is worth about $1,000, according to Opendorse, a company that facilitates sponsored social media campaigns for athletes. Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence said:

Lebron James Will Spend $42 Million on Scholarships to Put 1,100 Kids Through College

NBA star Lebron James announced last Thursday that his foundation is collaborating with the University of Akron to sponsor over a thousand scholarships for kids in his I Promise program. The program, based in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, is a part of the LeBron James Family Foundation’s initiative to help finance children’s education.

Though the initiative primarily catered to students from third to seventh grade, it is now also extending tuition support for college students who meet the program’s requirements. James shared with ESPN his intentions behind the new scholarship program:

Vet Student Plans to Drop out to Be a Model After Lebron James ‘Liked’ Her Booty Pic

So you post a hot photo of yourself and your booty on Instagram, and someone “likes” it. So what’s next? Move on, right? Or how about throwing away all your ambitions and studies to become a model?

That’s exactly what Josett Latrice plans on doing after a bootylicious pic of her became an overnight sensation because LeBron James “liked” it, according to TMZ.