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Angelina Jolie is Helping Her Son Connect With His Cambodian Roots in New Film

“I cried and cried.” From the moment Angelina Jolie saw Maddox in a Cambodian Orphanage in 2001, she felt a burning need to be his mother.

After filming “Tomb Raider” in Cambodia, she fell in love with the country and visited several times with then-husband Billy Bob Thornton. It was during one of those trips that the pair met Maddox at an orphanage. “I didn’t feel a connection with any of [the children. Then they said] there’s one more baby.” She was led to a box suspended from the ceiling where Maddox was nestled. She laid eyes on him, and in that moment she lost control of her emotions and began sobbing, immediately feeling a deep connection with the infant. They applied to adopt him on the spot, returning to pick him up several months later.