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23 Asian-American Celebrities Tweet Reactions to Charlottesville

On August 12, 2017, an Alt-Right rally took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. The march was met with counter protesters, which in turn was met with a violent attack from a white supremacist who drove his vehicle into a crowd of people, leaving one woman dead and nineteen others injured. In a related incident, two state troopers were killed in a helicopter accident.

In light of the events that occurred, many turned to Twitter to voice their thoughts and opinions. Celebrities and prominent figures in the Asian-American community took this opportunity to speak their mind about the day of the rally, the attack on the protesters, and President Trump’s response.

Kal Penn Roasts Hollywood By Tweeting All the Racist Crap He’s Dealt With

Actor Kal Penn took to Twitter on Tuesday to reveal that he was typecast to play offensive roles including a “Gandhi lookalike” in the beginning of his career.

Found a bunch of old scripts from some of my first years trying to be an actor,” the 39-year-old actor, whose parents are of Indian descent, shared in a series of of tweets. “They were awful. ‘Can you make his accent a little more AUTHENTIC?’ That usually meant they wanted Apu.