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This Man’s Job Interview Was Going Very Well Until He Said One Word

Acting on a tip from a follower who said he was fired by his boss after he found he was gay, Two Swedish journalists armed with hidden cameras from STLMH Panda posed as job applicants for the same job. One of them, Konrad, was not as qualified, so the boss had him leave pretty quickly. The other, Olle, was very qualified and was offered the position … until he said one simple word. Check out their video above. (Click CC on the bottom right for English subtitles).

This Guy Just Discovered a GENIUS Approach to Job Hunting We All Should Learn From

It’s no secret that many college students today are struggling to find decent jobs after graduation. The market is simply not the same as it once was.

One of these struggling graduates is 22-year-old Alfred Ajani, who’s applied to more than 300 jobs since graduating with a marketing degree earlier this summer. He’s been completely unsuccessful — until now.