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Tim Chung Finally Addresses Rumor That He Fathered Kylie Jenner’s Daughter

Tim Chung, the LAPD cop/model who exploded in popularity in recent weeks amid internet rumors that he might be the real father of Kylie Jenner’s three-month-old daughter, finally addressed the rumors.

In a statement posted on Instagram Friday night, Jenner’s former bodyguard officially denied being Stormi’s father, stating that it would be his “first and last comment” on the matter.

Tyga Agrees That Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard Tim Chung is Her Baby Daddy

American rapper and Kylie Jenner‘s ex-boyfriend Tyga added fuel to the rumor that bodyguard Tim Chung is the father of Jenner’s baby Stormi, even after Chung slammed the allegations.

While many believe that Jenner’s current boyfriend Travis Scott is Stormi’s father, Tyga, through an unnamed source, stated Chung could actually be the father of the baby girl.

How Fashion Mocks Asian Culture By Ripping Off Chinese Take-Out Boxes

The Chinese take-out box is a culinary icon. Easily recognized by its simple white folds and red font, the box has become a mainstay of Chinese-American culture, as many traditions are passed on through our stomachs. To some, it is a symbol of delectable morsels; to others, like myself, it brings thoughts of comfort with familiar foods and faces. With such a big cultural presence, it is no surprise that the Chinese take-out box has served as a muse to many fashion designers; however, what may be troubling is what the box means exactly to these designers.

This past September, the Chinese take-out box made headlines when the Jenner sisters released a handbag in the likeness of the box which read “KK Express #3”, supposedly modeled after an imaginary Chinese restaurant. The bag caused an uproar, as many were upset and quick to call out the Jenners for cultural appropriation — of which they have a lengthy record. What some may have missed is that the box has been previously used by other big name designers, such as Kate Spade and Chanel. Kate Spade released their “hello shanghai cruz” purse in 2014 as part of their collection of “wanderlust” pieces. The purse is described on Kate Spade’s product page as, “whimsical crossbody–for a whole new collection of globetrotting pieces that are sure to spark a smile (and a desire to travel colorfully)”. Similarly, Chanel sold a take-out box purse in 2010 as part of their Shanghai collection. Clearly, the box is a symbol of Shanghai and China to these White designers, but what may come as a shock is that the take-out box is not found in China at all.