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China Now Enlists Street-Dancing Aunties to Combat Jaywalkers

Beijing has called upon a group of dancing aunties in an attempt to put an end to the rampant jaywalking in the city.

Different major cities in China have been trying out various “creative” tactics in the war against jaywalkers in recent years, from high-tech cameras to subway gates. Now the Chinese capital is deploying groups of dancing middle-aged women within its 100 junctions to educate pedestrians on road safety.

Chinese City Shames Jaywalkers by Displaying Their Face On a Huge Screen

A Chinese city just launched new traffic technology designed to shame jaywalkers by posting their faces on a giant screen on the side of the road for all to see.

Shenzhen City’s traffic authority installed a facial-recognition system at a crossroad to easily identify offenders and eventually discourage others. Cameras were set-up to monitor the area 24/7.