China Now Enlists Street-Dancing Aunties to Combat Jaywalkers

China Now Enlists Street-Dancing Aunties to Combat JaywalkersChina Now Enlists Street-Dancing Aunties to Combat Jaywalkers
Beijing has called upon a group of dancing aunties in an attempt to put an end to the rampant jaywalking in the city.
Different major cities in China have been trying out various “creative” tactics in the war against jaywalkers in recent years, from high-tech cameras to subway gates. Now the Chinese capital is deploying groups of dancing middle-aged women within its 100 junctions to educate pedestrians on road safety.
Sixth Tone reports that the local authorities plan to add even more volunteers and “public civility guides” along with traffic cops to help in educating pedestrians about road safety. The volunteers are sometimes accompanied by little kids who also join in with the dance numbers.
As for the dancing tune, the city has created an original song composition about being patient while waiting for the “green man”. The catchy song contains helpful lyrics such as, “safety is part of being civilized,” and “if you slow down, you’ll enjoy life.” Netizens, however, have found the song a bit problematic.
Some Weibo users think the city is treating its citizens like kids:
“Self-control is proof of your intelligence. Is it that difficult to stop during a red light and go on the green light/ Do you actually need a song and dance to help you remember that? It’s the epitome of a nanny state!”
Others noted that simply enforcing existing laws should be enough:
“Actually enforcing the law would be more effective.”
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