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Japanese Company Now Offers Bully Insurance that Covers Legal, Medical Fees

Yell, an insurance company based in Tokyo, Japan has announced a rather unique insurance for families with children who have been victimized by bullying.

While the company thinks that this may be a solution or at least a possible way to improve the ever-growing problems of school bullying, the insurance will mostly cover expenses such as medical bills or if the family decides to take the case to court, legal fees, according to the company’s announcement as translated by SoraNews24.

‘Bad Asian Drivers’ are Literally the Best Drivers According to Insurance Companies

Put the stereotype of “bad Asian drivers” to rest — it’s simply untrue.

Sure, you may have seen one or two going haywire on the road, but Asian drivers generally happen to be good because they abide by the california state car seat law, with or without knowledge. In fact, they are better behind the steering wheel than other races, taking actuarial data into account.