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Asian American Rom-Com ‘Kat Loves LA’ Crowdfunds for a Second Season

Diversity and inclusion are making its way to more movies and TV shows such as “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Fresh Off the Boat,” and web series “Kat Loves LA” aims to be part of that big picture.

“I wanted to create a love story that was unapologetically Asian American, told through an Asian American lens,” actress and writer Paget Kagy, who also plays the title character, told NextShark.

The Internet is Going Crazy Over This ‘Shock Clock’ That Will Zap You Awake On Time

A new startup is redesigning the alarm clock into a wearable device that literally shocks its wearers to wake them up.

The company behind the clock, Pavlok, guarantees its tested sensory input on its wearable devices can change a person’s behavior and lifestyle habits. The Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer is based on the idea of classical conditioning that Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov used on dogs to train them to reflexively respond to a stimulus.

Futuristic Laser Razor Banned from Kickstarter After Raising $4 Million

A Kickstarter campaign for a laser razor that raised over $4 million in funding  was cancelled because it does not exist in a working form.

The company, Skarp Technologies, will not see a single penny of its funding as Kickstarter said in a letter that “backers will not be charged for their pledges.” Skarp Technologies, which raised a whopping $750,000 during the first week of its crowdfunding campaign, was cited by Kickstarter for failing to have a working prototype.

Slava Rubin: How I Started Indiegogo


We’ve all heard of those amazing or ridiculous ideas that people start crowdfunding campaigns for, earning well past their goal and even into the millions in some cases. How did they pull it off? There are probably a lot of tricks and secrets to the game, but who better to tell us about how to crowdfund the right way than Slava Rubin, the founder and CEO of crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.