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Dr. Pimple Popper Raises $5,000 for Hurricane Harvey Relief With the Most Epic Pimple Pop

Dr. Sandra Lee, the physician behind the online persona Dr. Pimple Popper, has raised over $5,000 in relief funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in one of her most disgusting videos ever.

The dermatologist, as part of her campaign to raise the money, posted a video last week in what can be considered as the biggest zit yet — perhaps even the “Mother of All Pops”. The clip in question shows a grapefruit-sized growth on the back of a man’s neck. It was so huge that Unilad described it as a “second, squidgey head” disgustingly growing out of the man’s neck and shoulder region.

Sushi Bar in Texas Prepares 1,000 Meals to Aid Victims of Hurricane Harvey

A heartwarming post about a restaurant in Southeast Texas is going viral after showing its owners preparing 1,000 meals for those affected by the devastation of hurricane Harvey. Keith Nguyen took to social media to spread the good cause that his dad, Phe Nguyen, and uncle, Binh Nguyen, have tirelessly been working on in their restaurant located in Port Arthur, Texas.

In Nguyen’s Facebook post, he revealed that both his dad and uncle were also impacted by the disastrous effects of Harvey but mentioned that the media wasn’t likely to cover their plight. In order to address the food shortages in the area, his dad and uncle have gathered their staff and some volunteers to cook-up a whopping 1,000 meals for those in need.