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8 Romantic Hotels in Asia to Add to Your Valentine’s Day Bucket List

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We could all use a relaxing getaway these days. Work is hard, so is school and the constant repetition of mundane chores. If you’re a millennial, there’s also a 99.9% chance you’re one meltdown away from being burned out. A trip to the Cayman Islands may just be what you need. Visit this site to know more about this Caribbean destination.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be thinking of the perfect, romantic vacation. Or if you’re broke like I am, you might be interested in looking through lavish resorts you can’t afford during your annual Valentine’s Day Netflix marathon.

China Shuts Down Marriott’s Website For Listing Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet as ‘Countries’

China suspended the website and mobile app of hotel chain Marriott after it listed Chinese territories as separate “countries.”

The order, issued by the Shanghai Cyberspace Administration, is effective for one week. It also launched an investigation to determine if the company violated advertising and cybersecurity laws.

Multiple 5-Star Hotels in Beijing Exposed for Not Replacing Bed Sheets, Cleaning Toilets

A consumer rights group in China accused five Beijing hotels of having poor hygiene standards after conducting its own investigations using hidden cameras and UV stamps.

The Beijing Tourism Association announced on Chinese social media platform Weibo that it would investigate the claims made by the group, whose name translates in English to “Better Choice, Better Life”.

The 5 Best Las Vegas Hotels – April 2016

Las Vegas, the internationally renowned resort city in Nevada, is home to the world’s largest and most luxurious hotels. Billing itself as “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” this major tourist destination has more than enough AAA Five Diamond hotels to accommodate the fanciest of tastes.

Travelers who want to get a full Vegas experience owe it to themselves to book only the best hotel that their money can afford, and with the number of options available, there will always be a perfect fit for every kind of traveler.

You’ll NEVER Want to Use Public Wi-Fi Again After Reading This

When we need Wi-Fi in public, sometimes it seems like we’ll say to ourselves, “I’ll take the first one I can get — I don’t care how shady it seems.” It might be slow, but free internet is always better than the Dark Ages-like periods when we don’t have any access.

Unfortunately, hackers know this too, and they’ve basically perfected a way to steal valuable information from your devices through attacks on public Wi-Fi networks that look like software updates. Hotels most of all have been hit with this threat for the valuable info travelling businessmen carry with them — and for their constant need to be online. The worst part is, big software companies like Microsoft, Google and Comcast either have no idea about it or have inadvertently put their customers at risk.