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Japanese Inventor Creates the Most Incredible Steampunk Gun You’ve Ever Seen

Japanese YouTuber FRISK_P, the creator of many steampunk-inspired gadgets, is back at it again with an occult gun that lets you channel the mystic arts through holographic lights.

The occult gun, which is arguably FRISK_P’s best gadget to date, shoots out mystical glyphs that an alchemist might use in “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood” or something a practitioner of the mystical arts would summon.

Korean Telecom and Verizon Just Made the First Ever International Hologram Call

Hologram technology might sound like the stuff of science fiction, like Princess Leia in “Episode IV – A New Hope”, but technology is very quickly making that possible.

Verizon and Korean Telecom joined forces on Monday to demonstrate what the companies call the world’s first live hologram call over their 5G trial networks, according to the Korea Herald.