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Ken, the Famously Adorable Roast Sweet Potato Stand Cashier in Hokkaido, Passes Away

Ken, the Shiba Inu who looked over the roast sweet potato store in Sapporo, Hokkaido, passed away at 6 years old.

Heartbreaking news: Ken passed away on June 6 at around 12:50 p.m., according to his owner’s Instagram post, Mothership reported. The owner said Ken returned to his “favorite (sweet potato) shop” and thanked all those who supported the Shiba Inu.

Amazing Restaurant in Japan Serves Possibly the BEST Uni in the World

On the Japanese island of Hokkaido are two restaurants named Uni Murakami in the cities of Hakodate and Sapporo. The restaurants specialize in Uni (sea urchin) dishes — and they are possibly the best in the world.

Uni Murakami is operated directly by a sea urchin processing plant founded in 1954. It’s been one of the primary vendors of uni at Japan’s famous Tsukiji Market for over 50 years.

Japanese City Gives Out A Guideline for Chinese Tourists to Behave Better in Public

The Hokkaido district in Japan recently released an updated set of guidelines, reportedly targeted at Chinese tourists, on how visitors should behave in public.

“Hokkaido Kokoroe” (“The Traveler’s Etiquette Guide to Hokkaido”), published by the Hokkaido Tourism Organization, is a brochure containing a set of rules foreign visitors are expected to observe while in the country. The guide was allegedly a response to a growing number of Chinese tourists caught misbehaving in public, according to the Japan Times.